The Purva Mimamsa Home Page: पूर्व मीमांसा (purva mimamsa)

The word मीमांसा is derived from the धातु मान् (to know) + सन् and it means 'the desire for knowledge' and by extension 'discussion' and 'investigation'. It is used in these senses in the Veda itself.[TB p. 2]

It is called पूर्व 'prior' because it deals with the prior parts of the Veda as opposed to वेदान्त or उत्तर मीमांसा which deal with the concluding parts called the upanishads.

The object of investigation and discussion in पूर्व मीमांसा is धर्म.

The foundation text of पूर्व मीमांसा as a systematic philosophy is the पूर्व मीमांसा सूत्र by जैमीनि.

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