The Purva Mimamsa Home Page: जैमिनि (Jaimini)

C. 300 BC [TB]

The author of the पूर्व मीमांसा सूत्र. He is also quoted several times in the ब्रह्म सूत्र and according to the नैष्कार्म्यसिद्धि he composed his own work on उतर मीमांसा (now lost.)

According to विष्णु पुराण he was the pupil of वेदव्यास who taught him the सामवेद. There is still a जैमिनीय शाखा of the सामवेद extent in Kerala to this day.

According to the पञ्चतंत्र, he was crushed to death by an elephant.

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