The Purva Mimamsa Home Page: लौगाक्षि भास्कर (laugakshi bhaskara)

C. 1600 AD. [TB p. 112]

Author of अर्थसङ्ग्रह.

According to A.B. Keith, Laugakshi Bhaskara was the son of Mudgala and the grandson of Rudra. A. B. Gajendragadkar suggests that the expression वासुदेवं रमाकान्तं in the मङ्गलश्लोक of अर्थसङ्ग्रह refers to his गुरु and his wife bearing those names. This view is strengthened by the close connection of the अर्थसङ्ग्रह with the
मीमांसान्यायप्रकाश. The author of the latter also refers to his गुरु in the मङ्गलश्लोक.[AS p. xxii

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